Features Tailored To Your Marketing Needs

It'S Not About Reviewing Your Services ... The Most Important Thing is How You Market it and How You Manage Orders Professionally, Easily and Lowest Cost

The First Specialized Content Management System (CMS) For Companies and Business Owners

All The Capabilities You Need To Create & Manage Your Website For Your Business Are Available at Smart Online

Better For Companies

You can create pages and sections and add your services and products in minutes and without limits

Your Customers can easily follow up on their orders and reservations through your site

E-marketing solutions based on your marketing needs

Away from the technical maneuvers that some are trolling To own your site in a real and effective way and not an account on one of the platforms

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With Ease, You Can Manage Your Site & CusTomer Requests Through An Easy and Practical Control Panel


You Can Create or Modify Any Pages by dragging & dropping it in minutes. You Don't Need Any Technical knowledge


With E-Commerce Plugins for Trade & Business, you Can Manage and Market Your Business Easily

Unique Designs

It's Important For Companies And Business Owners To Provide Their Services & Products With The Ease & Privacy That Customers Are Currently Looking For. The Concept Of Your site's No Longer A Destination For Your Entity Only. Rather, Your Site Should Be Professional and Practical .. Easy .. Give Your Customers an Impression of Your Professionalism


You Can Activate Any Sections

Online SToRE

Add your products To an unlimited number.

More than one price for the shipping fee

Add payment online or offline

Creating a sTore mobile application

Packages with Booking

Provide Users with your Offers & Packages for Booking

Add Annual/Monthly Renewal Period for the Package

Pay with the order or for reservations only

Providing it in a mobile application

Special Order

Provide Users with the possibility To request a special order / consultation

Builder form system To specify the required data from the client

Providing it in a mobile application

Events & Conferences System

Save Tickets for Events & Conferences

QR created for easy verification.

Add payment online or offline

Providing it in a mobile application

online Education system

Provide Courses & Lessons Online

Subscriber control panel

Add payment online or offline

Providing it in a mobile application

Tickets Support System

Provide support To Your Customers With A Ticket System

User Can Open Ticket Through Own Controller

Ticket Can Be Transferred To Any Admins

Providing it in a mobile application

Why Smart Online?

You Already Own Your WEBSITTE, Not Joint Accounts

The First Specialized System To Create And Manage Websites For Companies and Business Owners

NO Limits On Your Sales Or User Accounts, Everything Is Unlimited

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Content Management System

Create Unlimited Sections and Pages.. Multilingual

Home Page

Built with All-In-One system, Any Sections Can be Paused & Started Whit Managing it's Entire Content

Drag & Drop

By Drag & drop You Can Change Content of Home Page and Redistribute it Easily .. in Minutes

In A Minute

You Can Create Any Page Via Drag &Drop Feature and Add Any Plugins

Multi Language

You can Add unlimited Languages to Website & Change words Used in Each language

Fixed & Ready Partitions


Create unlimited Services Pages


To Add Your Works With All Details


Build Your Blog..It's completely SEO friendly


Add Jobs Need With All Requirements


Page To add your staff


Photo gallery to add your own photos


Create & Share Your Events With users

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Section You Can Add Content With Answers To Users

Basic Features

More 9 Templates Free

More slider Templates

Mega menu (pictures)

Drag & drop menu

Live chat with visitors

Facebook Pexel,

Social Media Links

Responsive With All Devices

Announcement Popup

Email Subscribers

Push Notification

Google Analytics & Google RECATCHA

Login Via Facebook & Google

Plans & Prices

No Restrictions, Limits or Commissions on Any Package


60 $/monthly

Setup A Platform
Menus &Website According To Your Needs
All Features In System Are Unlimited
Get Updates and New Versions For Free
Free Domain (1 Year)
Free SSL Certificate
10 GB Storage Space
Unlimited Traffic
Support Via Tickets 24/7


70 $/monthly

Setup A Platform
Menus &Website According To Your Needs
Build YOUR Store
All Features In System Are Unlimited
Get Updates and New Versions For Free
Free Domain (1 Year)
Free SSL Certificate
35 GB Storage Space
Unlimited Traffic
Support Via Tickets & Phone


95 $/monthly

Setup A Platform
Menus &Website According To Your Needs
Build YOUR Store
Add 100 Products In Store
All Features In System Are Unlimited
Get Updates and New Versions For Free
Free Domain (1 Year)
Free SSL Certificate
Unlimited Storage Space
Unlimited Traffic
Support Via Tickets & Phone
Get Free GO! Package (Annually)

Business PLUS

93 $/monthly

Everything in Business , Plus :
Build Your Mobile application
Android version
IOS version
support Via Account Manager

Some Questions You Might Have

To create your own website, whatever field you specialize in, you need three things: first, effective and secure hosting, secondly and most importantly, the program through which you manage your website and review your services and products, and thirdly, technical support that helps you by providing easy and simple solutions to manage your business easily and professionalism, and from here we had the idea of ​​creating a smart online platform that specializes in managing the websites of companies and business owners. The volume of their sales. Through Smart Online, you can build your companies’ website, whatever you specialize in, with practical and professional capabilities, and manage your business online with ease and smoothness. You get secure and effective hosting with a domain (site name) for free, in addition to hundreds of features that aim to double your sales volume, in addition to that we provide technical technical support To all our Customers, because our goal is to have a professional, practical and easy-to-use website, whether through you as a management or through your Customers. Be sure that You are always with you, there is no need for any technical knowledge and there is no need for any technical enlightenment aimed at financial gain from you only.
Yes, we will explain all the amazing features and capabilities and we will try them together
the grace period is 15 days to try and during the period you can cancel the subscription and get the full amount paid
Your subscription is not obligatory in the event that you wish not to use our software platform and in this case you get your domain (the domain / site name) and we transfer it to an account provided by you in the event that we reserve the domain.
The system is easy to use and manage your site with ease and you will notice that in the experience. However, of course you get explanation videos in addition to that we provide an online meeting to explain all the details of use
Yes.. With your monthly subscription, you will get all updates and new versions of the program for free throughout the period of your subscription together.
No.. there is basically no possibility to see your sales or profits. We install the entire system for each client on his hosting, and after completing the settings, installation, design and uploading applications, we do not have any authority to enter the system (your site is completely independent and not Linked to any other databases), the difference between us and any other e-commerce platform..the other platforms are based on opening an account for each customer on its program. It has all control and access to sales and customer data. As for us, we install software packages on the hosting with a database Especially it.. it is not possible to view any data or know the volume of your sales in order to impose or determine percentages!.

Integrated With Payment Gateways

Integrated With Plugins