Smart Online for business owners

The first business content management system

Smart Online is a website management system for business owners and multi-purpose companies

  • A Content Management System (CMS) that can be used to manage your website ..
  • Create pages and services with an unlimited number.. Everything you need to manage your business on the Internet is available at Smart Online
  • It provides many other great features such as e-commerce (sale of products - special order packages). Technical Support Ticket System. A control panel for customers to follow up on their requests, and a lot of great features that you will discover for yourself.
  • In general, you can create any type of service and commercial website easily and in minutes..
  • Full management of all services

Why is it the best system you rely on to run your business on the Internet?

  • Because it is the easiest to manage in terms of display, organization, addition, and customer management with ease without requirements for technical knowledge ..
  • The system is specialized for business owners and companies for that, whether your activity is providing services. Products. Consulting. Reservation.
  • A system through which you provide technical and membership support to your customers, who follow up with you all the details and correspondence

Some pictures of the apps

professional control panel

We relied on ease and specialization, so you can easily manage your website pages and manage your services with ease.

Smart Page Builder

You can create any home page or custom pages in just a few minutes. No technical knowledge is required

Manage your business easily

You need to provide your customers, through your website and application, your products and services, and subscribe to packages and a ticket system for technical support. All this and more you will find available within the program.

It is important for companies and business owners to provide their services and products with the ease and privacy that customers are currently looking for. The concept of your site is no longer a destination for your entity only. But your site should be smart.. easy.. give your customers an impression of your professionalism

Just imagine it !

  • You have your car serviced and searched on Google or open Facebook and found a post about the Smart Center with the booking link.. I entered the link..
  • After completing the booking with ease, I checked the site and learned about the available spare parts and other services for this center and how many useful articles. What is the percentage of trust in this center?
  • You are the owner of a smart won a new targeted and benefited from your advertisement on social media with real benefit.(Imagine it)

E-Commerce Business Management

You can activate all or some of these sections easily through the control panel

An integrated online store where you can easily sell your products

Add your products to an unlimited number

Select more than one price for the shipping fee

Select payment methods for the store (electronic - local payment - upon surrender)

The possibility of tracking the order through the user control panel

Filter for the user with prices and product classification

Determine stock for each piece

The store is available in the mobile app

Packages and offers

Offer users your offers and packages for booking

Possibility to pay with the order or not

Select payment methods for the store (electronic - local payment - upon use)

The possibility of tracking reservations through the user control panel v3.0

Builder form system to determine the data required for reservation

Subscription system for the year/monthly renewable package

Available in an application (special development for each client according to his requirements)

Reservation and Consultation System Provide reservations, consultations and special requests for customers

Save Users Online Booking / Consultation

Builder form system to determine the required data for reservations

Track booking status with user

The ability to track reservations through a user control panel V3.0

Available in the mobile application (special development for each customer according to his requirements)

Smart Online (cms) content management

Create Unlimited Sections & Pages

Home page

Built in an all-in-one system, any of the sections can be paused and started while managing their entire content

Home builder

With drag and drop, you can change the content of the home page and redistribute it easily and in minutes

Page builder

By dragging and dropping you can create unlimited pages of pages and add pre-made banners


You can add more than one language to the site in an unlimited way and change the words used in all sites

Fixed and pre-equipped sections


A section to create your services pages as main and sub sections.

business fair

A section dedicated to displaying your past work in all its details


The blogging section for writing articles is fully SEO friendly


You can add your required jobs with all requirements


Team work section to add your team

Photo Gallery

Gallery section to add pictures with titles


To create special events and events for the user to view


The FAQ section provides users with frequently asked questions with answers

The main features

Contains 16 templates

6 different slider versions

Control Panel (Arabic / English)

Arrange the list by drag and drop

WhatsApp/Messenger button

Facebook Pixel tracking system

Add Social Media Links

Responsive to all devices

Site color control

control panel for customers

mailing system

Live chat

Google RECAPTCHA Verification System

Register with a Facebook/Google account


Integrated software packages that help you to develop and transfer your sales system online. By obtaining these packages, you will have an application in the name of your pharmacy and your identity. The user can order through it with ease. You also get another application for your delivery man who receives these requests. You also get a main control panel that you can manage You view all sales operations, reports on the status of sales, customers and all details, and each branch has its own control panel








Interconnected and integrated with electronic payment gateways

Interconnected and integrated with SMS gateways

It is possible to link with different bank payment gateways, provided that the customer's account is provided (api) from the bank