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  • Own Your Restaurant Apps Without any Percentages OR Commissions...
  • Get Mobile Apps & Website With Your Brand for Android & iPhone Devices
  • Get Your Own Delivery App With Delivery Tracking
  • Professional Management Panel & Control Panel for Branches, Manage Your Restaurant Smartly and Easily, All Applications Work Dynamically integrated among themselves

It is Important For Restaurants... Offer The Options That Customers Are Currently Looking For. Mobile & web Ordering is No Longer an Option For Companies That Want To GROW


We Relied On Speed In User Experience to Make it Easier For User to Order and Follow-up Procedures


Smart & Practical, Manage Operations Ease


Full integration Between applications Notifications &Order Tracking Between Customer and Delivery Boy

Best Restaurant Management System Online

Multi Branches

fixed Delivery Fees & Variable by Distance

Choose Branch to Customer is Dynamic

Coverage Area for Branch

Order Tracking on All Applications

Self pickup

Add features to food with different prices

Make Discount Coupons

Send Notifications

Online Payment Gateways

Customer Review About Products

Customer Review About Delivery Boy

Smart Filter for Search & Suggestions

Live chat

favorites list

Control Panel for Branch

Reports & Analyzes

White/Night Theme

Multi Language


  • With SMART COMMERCE Platform , you OWN Applications for Your Restaurant to Order Online through the Internet
  • Which bears Your Brand and a Design that Matches Your Identity
  • Your Customers Can Place Orders Online Directly From Your Mobile Application
  • You don’t have to Pay Any Commission On Every Order.
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Multiple Branches & Choosing the closest

Choosing Branch for User by Area Covered

Delivery or Self pickup

List Smart & Detailed for Products

Additions in Ordering Process

Favorite Page for Repeat Request

Coupons & Frequency of Use

Orders history & Repeating request

Order Tracking

Cash ON Delivery

pay Online

Search & make Suggestions to User

Directly Call delivery Boy

Add more receiving address

Live Chat

Send Notifications

Dark & Light System

Dashboard FEATURES

Create Control Panel For Branchs

Add Unlimited Of POS

Add Items & Attributes

Add Addon Items

Determine Time Sale For Items

Add Banners

Live Chat With Users

Add Coupons & Discounts

Customer Management

Adding Delivery Accounts

Review Reports

Send Notification

Orders Management

Restaurant Settings

Delivery APP Features

Receive Notification of Orders Confirmed

Receive Notification of Orders Processing

Show Order Details

Confirm start moving (Dynamic with all apps)

Confirm Receipt Of Amount & Order Delivered

Customer Delivery Location Map

Customer data (phone number)

Multi Language

Dark & Light System

Register Using Mail & Password

Pictures Of Apps

Send Push Notifications

  • Build a Real Customer Base by Owning Applications For Your Restaurant That Can Easily Send Your Offers and Notifications Without Any Costs
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  • Building your website
  • Build your app Android version.
  • Build your app IOS version.
  • Building a delivery man app.
  • main Dashboard.
  • control panel For (Branches).
  • Get updates for free.
  • Unlimited Hosting & bandwidth
  • Operating settings & adding Categories for free.
  • Get Free Launch! Package (Annually)


Questions & Answers

Integrated software packages that help you to develop and transfer your sales system online. By obtaining these packages, you will have an application in the name of your restaurant and your identity. The user can order through it with ease. You also get another application for your delivery man, through which you receive those requests. You also get A main control panel that can manage and view all sales operations, reports on the status of sales, customers and all details, and each branch has its own control panel.
You get your restaurant application uploaded to Google Play for Android phone users and another version uploaded to Apple Store for iPhone users. You also get the delivery app for your restaurant uploaded to Google Play. You get your website with your domain, a panel The administration and branches control through which you can manage and follow up on orders, add branches and delivery accounts, and of course add menus and send notifications.
No.. there is basically no possibility to see your sales or profits. We install the entire system for each client on his hosting, and after completing the settings, installation, design and uploading applications, we do not have any authority to enter the system (your site is completely independent and not Linked to any other databases), the difference between us and any other e-commerce platform..the other platforms are based on opening an account for each customer on its program. It has all control and access to sales and customer data. As for us, we install software packages on the hosting with a database Especially it.. it is not possible to view any data or know the volume of your sales in order to impose or determine percentages!.
There are no limits on the number of branches or delivery accounts that you want to add, the volume of orders and sales, as we mentioned, the previous question we do not have the authority to control.. Smart Commerce platform for restaurants. You own your commercial applications and do not subscribe to them.
Yes.. With your monthly subscription, you will get all updates and new versions of the program for free throughout the period of your subscription together.
Yes ... it is normal for you to get applications in colors and formats that perfectly suit your identity But if you are looking for a specific view, we will design your own design, starting with your UX and UI design, at an additional cost (one time payment).
No .. there are no additional fees from us, whether for applications, development or hosting service provided to you .. but there are other fees imposed by partners on services that you are free to use or not You are not restricted to paying it except in the case of a request to use it, such as the SMS service (if you want to activate the accounts for customers by sending the code on the mobile phone) or the fees imposed by the online payment gateways.
The system is built easily in use and sales management and you will notice that in the experience, however of course you get explanation videos in addition to that we provide an online meeting to explain all the details of use
Your subscription is not obligatory in the event that you wish not to use our software platform and in this case you get your domain (the domain / site name) and we transfer it to an account provided by you in the event that we reserve the domain.

Integrated With Payment Gateways

Integrated With SMS Gateways

It's Possible to Link with Different Bank Payment Gateways, Provided That Customer provided (api) From Bank