Unique Turning Point In Your Business

  • EGTAZ an official company registered with the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce under the name (Egtaz for Software and Business Solutions)
  • Commercial Registration Number: 8759- Tax Registration Number: 746-107-631

Integrated Business Solutions

  • In addition to providing a service for developing websites and mobile applications, we have built a group of software platforms for e-commerce (Smart Online - Smart Fast - Smart Commerce). Which facilitates the creation and management of your trade and business on the Internet, whether it is your website or your application on the phone with ease and less cost.
  • As part of our specialization in the field of software, except as business solution providers, we have established (Studio Egtaz) for graphic design services such as logo design, visual identity, publications, digital advertisements, video motion production, audio commentary and writing advertising content.
  • We also provide solutions for managing business on the Internet, such as writing content, managing electronic stores, managing social media, and marketing services on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and YouTube, as well as marketing through SMS and WhatsApp.

About Name (EGTAZ)

We need one word that explains the result of cooperation and sharing together.. simply means for achievement.

  • As difficult as it is to pronounce the name, but it summarizes what we are doing.. EGTAZ means in the near sense to EGTAZ!, and in the far meaning of achievement.
  • This is what we do with our partners in a nutshell. We make it easy for you to manage your business, whether in the chaos of beginnings, the number of requirements required of you, or the challenges you face in continuing to reach it.
  • You will always find us with unique and smart solutions based on integration and meeting your marketing and administrative needs.

About ( Eagle Logo )

We chose the eagle to be indicative of our extraordinary focus on the smallest details

  • We chose the eagle to be a symbol of our strength and arrogance to achieve success for our customers
  • When this rebel descends with a print at a high speed to hunt prey and returns to flight with pride and glory to reach the sky where he is permanently abducted.
  • We chose the eagle because it is the visual synonym for doing the command (EGTAZ).
  • As for our disease in detail! Our kinetic logo includes a software code that explains what we mean. Did you notice?


EGTAS methodology is based on being a business development consultant for our clients, so our relationship with our clients is based on being your partners and not in the beginning of selling! , Whatever type of service is required of us, we automatically analyze your company's needs, goals, and the primary and most important goal for you, so we always start by requesting a meeting.

Our Target

The success of your trade and business is our goal, nothing else, and what makes us stand out in the foreground is our dependence on transparency and credibility.

Our Vision

To have EGTAZ the main window of Development and Digital Transformation for Clients in the Arab World

Our Story

  • EGTAZ is not the result of a coincidence or exceptional circumstances that occurred in the founder's life, as we hear and read as usual.. We cannot deny that the construction of this entity faced many challenges, the least of which was the Corona! And its economic impact on the amount of funding and team management, but in the end was our main slogan that we must achieve with ourselves Before we promised it to our customers and it passed ... an achievement EGTAZ is an integrated entity that took more than two years to establish, specifically we started at the end of 2019, as the goal from the beginning is to provide integrated services, creativity Since the beginning, we have been targeting the value provided to the customer and not anything else.. Therefore, we had to accept the challenge to remain for more than 20 months working only on our software, and thanks to God and the experience we gained over 16 years, we were able to build professional software systems, which are the first of their kind In Egypt and the Middle East, based on the study of the Egyptian and Arab market and its needs, it provides business owners with the ability to transfer and build their business on the Internet with ease, real and effective construction. Design services, whether graphic such as logo, visual identity, digital and print advertisements, video animation production, recording, photography, audio commentary, as well as content writing service, e-store management and social media management, and because we built our software and services systems on the most important principle, which is marketing, it was our duty to provide e-marketing solutions on Its various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google ADS, YouTube, SMS marketing, or through WhatsApp. This number of services and software platforms is what makes us always tell all our customers that we will be a unique turning point in his trade, not in words, but in the value we provide to him, and this is only the beginning of the story.




Software Platforms


Service Introduction



In EGTAZ, We Care About The Smallest Details Of The Client, Putting The Simple Details Into The Center Of The Greatest Attention Will Produce a Creative Work That Can'T Be Easily Competed.


2010 The Beginning Under Name Mazayat a team of two people!

2019 Join the X EGYPT Group and Start Comprehensive Development and Start Creating E-Commerce Platforms

2022 A New Start With Integrated Creative Solutions