!Features of our store.. Much

With our store, you can sell any product, no matter how easy and free, in-store, we don't want to talk a lot and reveal it any more, your experience is a word of the whole!

Simplicity in management

With the control panel, you can freely add an infinite number of your different shapes and items.

More details are of interest to your customer

With the control panel you can add special features to your products, allowing your customer to make effective and true comparisons.


The customer review and review system is becoming a basic and reference thing, simply now your customer can add their own product impression and value their feedback through your control panel.


Limited time offer! Flash sale

With the control panel, you can launch your ad campaign on one or more products by making a limited time offer that motivates your customer to purchase, as you have the ability to determine how much and how long the offer is installed on, and you can see a full report of the process through the control panel.


Motivate your customer and create an opportunity for your customers through the coupons system, save a discount coupon and sell their games on your store purchase. With the control panel, you can launch a coupon with features that are right for you, including a cash discount or a 10% discount.

Filtering system

Your customer can now select, filter and see the results by price, and can define the results by brand and quality, as well as by using the oldest and newest feature, as well as the lowest price.

Online payment features

Your decision from the very beginning in e-commerce makes it necessary for you to deal fully electronically, you must provide efficient, flexible and easy payment systems.

You can add any appropriate payment method through the bank or through your direct debit card, and many ways to make your purchase easier.

We also provide electronic payment gateways through which you can activate and disable what you want.

Pay upon receipt

You estimate the availability of the payment system upon receipt, your instructions and appropriate shipping charges for you, and you can place more than one fee depending on your delivery plan depending on distance and location.

You can also take advantage of services such as Western Union, Mail, Vodafone Cash, instantly on your own board. Choices are unlimited and suit all activities.


Track the stages

Your customer can follow up on their order with a flexible control panel from purchase to delivery and review, but as a store manager, you forget that you can continue with the product at all stages.

Also from a new order stage to a cash-paid order for the shipping and delivery stage and cash receipt, you can see reports of the total of each phase including rejected or cleared orders, final orders, and many of the features you will have to choose.

Your store fits your identity

You get a copy of your own e-store! The design of the store is built on the easy changing of design and colors, so you can put your touch on the look and feel of your own.

Egtaz Time = Money

For more than a year we have put ample money into developing this software system to reduce the cost to you, whether it is a material cost or a cost of time, even if a special development of the system is required to suit your entity, we do not start our business from scratch with our real environment and our step-by-step source.

You can configure your store for only two days, and the basic set-up period is only one day, and we provide you with the information needed to manage and add your products, and we will also be with you step by step to help you, and in the developed version we will create your own design that will fit your identity, including advertising buildings. Including learn more about the design.

Let's take a tour of the experience..

!Take the opportunity now and make your dream come true and apply what you read up to reality


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