Drawing and art

Drawing plays a central role in designing anything, relying on it in passing through completely both for normal work and digital, resulting in a personal photo painting, film and series posters, drawing book covers, drawing backgrounds, and drawing all about the media in general.

Ibrahim Belel

Ibrahim Bilal is one of the real rarities on this planet, as sculpting with a pencil is something that only 7 on this planet can master, so one of our achievements in passing is to include this genius artist in our team.

So if you are looking for a management gift or honor that only the elite can realize, if you are looking for a luxury that has little on this planet, you are the right place, Ibrahim Bilal, the dean of sculpture, in a studio that passed.

Who is Ibrahim Belal?

Before talking about it in depth, Bilal is a member of a team that has passed through the great beauty of the people who see the great benefit and privileges of our customers.

The outstanding Archaeological artist is a smaller sculpture of the Rashid pencil stone carried out at the Rashid National Museum, a masterpiece of plastic art and distinguished in the freeform and portrait art, creating handicrafts, especially leather products.

The artist went to the pencil-age sculpture to challenge the accuracy and fragility of the pencil pen, as he is considered one of the few plastic artists who have professional the pencil-tooth sculpture.


He introduced several pencil-pen arts, although the artwork may not exceed the 2mil and seems impossible, the artist does not believe in an impossible word and has done many work in this area.

He grew up in the town of Rashid in the province of Al-Lake, his adherence to his origin and his desire to use his artistic potential to present a true message, which was the reason for his sculpture of the pencil-age "Rosetta Stone" and his submission to the Guinness Encyclopedia, to which he went beyond all stages and refused in the final stage; Because of its size, which is measured in "millimeters" and has not yet used the encyclopedia as a smaller unit of measurement than "centimeter".

8 years are the period that Ibrahim Bilal spent practicing art professionally, learning every detail by following up the world's most important artists and all about the art of painting and sculpture on YouTube. He became a teacher of drawing in a number of academies, as well as presenting the most important sculptures he chose to produce on the years of pencils to achieve his saying, "I started sculpting from the most difficult for the easiest.

So if you want a sculpted gift that stays with you, giving it to your friend, you'll find it easy to pass with EGTAZ.

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