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Simply design the right thing for your name, this sun looks a little bit indifferent to you, but it means you can use it on all computers and mobile devices at once.

Design your template

Your external site structure, if you purchase Smart Online or Smart Commerce software, or manage your site through free platforms such as Wordpress Press, of course, you need to have the look of your site that matches your identity and personality.

Responsive design

support Our designs show up well on different devices, no matter how large the screen is, a computer, a tablet, a smartphone, making the design responsive by screen size and appear consistently.


Built with the latest HTML & CSS standards.

Our templates have been developed using the latest HTML 5 and CSS3 programming languages. Templates appear great on different browser programs.

The template is multi-lingual

Template available in two languages: Arabic and English. You can install the template on your English or Arabic site and get the same design and features.

All templates are set up and installed free of charge on our Smart Online - Smart Commerce software.

You can browse our store and purchase the right template for you here!

Special Plugin

تعرف علي المنصة

ستايلات اجتاز

برمجة المواقع الإلكترونية


تعرف علي المنصة

تصميم قوالب م?...

إدارة المواقع الإلكترونية

سهوله في النق?...

نظام الدعم الفني


نظام التجارة الإلكترونية

اتصل بنا للمساعدة في اموالك.