Programming Plugins

You can request your own development in Smart Commerce to create your own online store on the web and apply it to your phone as you want.

Why our programming is the best?

The Smart Commerce system was built in BHP programming language on the Larville Framework System, so the system was built on a constantly updated and evolutionary approach.

We are currently the second edition of the commercial version, and we ensure that you have all the updates and developments free of charge for the life.


Special development

You can request your development and the cost and time are determined as required, as well as send us through the in-program proposals with the required developments and we are developing them quickly in future releases.

Speaking of development, what is most important in choosing a software system that will depend on your e-commerce is to be well aware of the importance of development and exit out of the box.

Full security

By purchasing Smart Commerce, you get all platform products, and most importantly, hosting your business, we only offer hosting to our customers so that we can make your site fully secure, as we use our approach to protecting our servers from stress.

Important information! Smart Commerce is protected against SQL, XSS, CSRF injections and other attacks.

Smart Commerce is installed and used on our air-fours as a safety standard for you first, and we have no problem providing you with your own.


Once you have purchased Smart Commerce, it becomes your property and you have the right to use it on your store for life and you have no income for your profits or sales. A monthly subscription here is for other services we provide within the platform to help you manage such as adding your products or creating designs and ads that help you market. Scalability A clean, flexible code, you as a customer who is only interested in performance and capabilities but as an online store owner you should be very interested in having an easy code to develop that takes into account the highest technology concepts. In this process we relied on BHP collaborators with the Lerville system to create a robust set of codes, and in phone applications we used NV programming in android for instance Take away and enjoy all these services with a free limited time experience.


Special Plugin

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