Smart Online.. In depth!

You can easily manage your website and app via mobile, and also get an app on Google Play Store and Apple Store in your name! Simply become an integrated online business entity with your own Smart Online platform.

Content management system

With the control panel, you can easily manage your website pages and control the finest detail.

Home Page

Built with a flexible one-page system, you can manage the content of each section of the home page individually, and activate and disable the appearance of all or some sections.

Manage Service Pages

Add and edit pages for your services and key sections indefinitely with ease way.

Create Pages

Enables you to create subpages indefinitely to contain an extraordinary amount of information.

Recruitment Pages Management

Add the required function sections, add functionality and write all the required details with ease and a unique specialization that makes the person looking for something that does not foment and unblended.



You or your team can easily add reports and articles to all of your blog posts with the ability to create an archive of your blog.

Design templates

A wide variety of template shapes you can change and shape your site to suit your vision and activity with ease without any difficulty.

Color Control after selecting the template used:

You can easily change the colors used in the template as desired from the control panel.

Modify the order of the list:

You can easily change everything in the list by simply dragging and changing it in less than a few seconds.

Change page backgrounds:

You can change page backgrounds, because each page can be one-to-one or all-in-one changes with the ability to add anything visible.

Home Pages

The new format comes from Smart Online 6 editions, (still Image - Multi-Image - Background Video - Rain effect)

Easily control:

From the control panel, you can add images that are used, add typed content with line size control, or add video link.


Special Plugin

تعرف علي المنصة

ستايلات اجتاز

برمجة المواقع الإلكترونية


تعرف علي المنصة

تصميم قوالب م?...

إدارة المواقع الإلكترونية

سهوله في النق?...

نظام الدعم الفني


نظام التجارة الإلكترونية

اتصل بنا للمساعدة في اموالك.