Marketing and management features

We don't just sell you a system, it's a platform that means providing comprehensive management of your business online, we also guarantee you success factors for your management and marketing business, so we've provided a software system that supports your management such as reports and invoices, and helps you market such as offers and Flash sale.

Billing system

Each sale is estimated to be billed to the customer, as the reports are the measure of your next step so we decided to provide that process in the following matters. Report sales of all products, a particular product, or brand.


A report on a certain period or discount coupon that you would like to know how well it is.

Report on the status of your requests Reports of lost or ongoing or completed applications have the lion's share of the reports as a whole.

Discount coupons

Stimulate and regenerate blood in your customer's veins creating new opportunities through the coupons system, save a coupon and make them eager to buy from your store, with the control panel you can find a coupon with the right characteristics whether it's a cash discount or a 10% discount (e.g. 10% discount).

Special Plugin

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